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We are excited to welcome you to our family of program participants! Please complete this form to make a Splash Camp / CIT / Jr. Guard registration. Once complete, the Wave staff will contact you directly for payment information after this form has been received; please mention any discounts or promotions at that time. Reservation is not complete or guaranteed until payment has been accepted. If you have any questions, please contact the Wave Office at (760) 940-9283.
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Select Splash Camp(s) - ages 7-15:
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Select CIT Camp(s) - ages 12-15:
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Select Jr. Guard(s) - ages 10-15:
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*Medication Release form is required to administer mediation. Children may not medicate themselves.

Staff may apply sunscreen to my child as needed (Campers should bring sunscreen with them daily):
Staff may apply sunscreen to my child as needed (Campers should bring sunscreen with them daily):

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Additional Notes / Information for Program Director:

I have read and reviewed the Parent Handbook online for important information.

Release and Indemnification Agreement / Acknowledgement of Risk:

I (as the parent / guardian) approve of my child’s photo to be taken during camp activities and to be used for promotional and marketing purposes that may benefit the Wave and promote its programs. 

I hereby acknowledge and agree that participating in activities at the City of Vista / Wave Waterpark camp program has inherent risks.  I have full knowledge of the nature and extent of all the risks associated with camp activities, including but not limited to:
 1.  All manner of injuries that may result from playing in organized games such as waterpolo, tag, baseball, soccer, etc...
  2.  Recreational activities that involve swimming, running, riding attractions, jumping, throwing and kicking, of balls may result in injuries.

I further acknowledge that the above list is not inclusive of all possible risks and does not limit the release and covenant not to sue. 
In consideration of my child’s participation in Wave camp programs, I (as the parent / guardian), this undersigned hereby voluntarily release, waive, discharge, and relinquish any and all actions or causes of action for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death occurring to my child arising as a result of engaging or receiving instructions in said activity or any activities incidental thereto wherever period said activities or instructions may continue, and the undersigned does for him/herself and for his/her estate, agrees that under no circumstances will he/she or his/hers heirs, executors, administrators and assigns prosecute, present any claim for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death against the City of Vista or any of its officers, agents, servants, or employees for any of said cause of action, whether the same shall arise by the negligence of such persons, or otherwise.  IT IS MY INTENTION (as the parent / guardian), BY THIS INSTRUMENT, TO EXEMPT AND RELIEVE THE CITY OF VISTA and he/she shall indemnify and save harmless the same CITY OF VISTA,  a chartered municipal corporation, from any and all claims or causes of action by whomever or wherever made or presented for personal injuries, property damage or wrongful death. 
I (as the parent / guardian), By entering the premises, patrons acknowledge amusement rides, devices or attractions like those at the Wave carry inherent risks of injury.  Patrons further acknowledge that while on the premises they may be exposed to additional risks caused by conditions of property, equipment provided, or conduct of others.  Patrons accept both the inherent and additional risks and FOREVER RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND WAIVE ALL LIABILITY CLAIMS OR DEMANDS against the City of Vista and its agents and employees for any injury sustained while on the premises, whether or not accused by the negligence of the City of Vista, its agents or employees, or any other person. 
  I (the parent / guardian) have read the Camps Parent Handbook and I am aware of signs and symptoms of concussions and I am aware of the City of Vista / Wave Waterpark policies and procedures regarding concussions.


I understand I will be contacted at the phone number listed above for payment information and my reservation will not be held or guaranteed until payment has been accepted.

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